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With The Only eCommerce Writing Software

Even If You Know Nothing About Email Marketing!

"Quickly Create Powerful
"Quickly Create Powerful
Email Sequences
That Convert Dead Leads Into 
Active Customers Ready To Buy"
That Convert Dead Leads Into 
Active Customers Ready To Buy"
Without Hiring Expensive Copywriters!
Shocking Facts About eCommerce
Shocking Facts About eCommerce
  •   Over 73% of visitors LEAVE and never return
  •   97% of your marketing efforts and budget are WASTED
  •   You CANNOT profit from your store without a monetization plan
The Good News Is That...
  •   Email marketing produces a return of $35 FOR EVERY $1 spent
  •  75% OF BUYERS trust email marketing before placing an order
  •   Email marketing is the #1 PROFIT SOURCE for eCommerce 
LUCKY YOU, You can finally profit...
You can finally profit...
Today Only, For a One-Time Fee of just $77
(Instead of the Annual Plan of $684)
What people are saying about
ecom power scripts...
Dan Goldsmit, Expert eCommerce Marketer, ClickFunnels' Two Comma Club Awarded Member
Steve Hörmann, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of The Z Code System
Introducing ecom power scripts
The world’s FIRST and ONLY Plug-And-Play Automated Email Script Builder Tailored SPECIFICALLY For eCommerce Store Owners

The world’s FIRST and ONLY Plug-And-Play Automated Email Script Builder Tailored SPECIFICALLY For eCommerce Store Owners
 Choose The Type Of Email
 STEP 2 
Personalize the email by answering a few   simple questions 
  Your Email Script Sequence Is Ready!
It just can't be more simple... and effective!
Watch This Video
To See How Easy It Is To Use


Start Monetizing Your eStore
Join the Group Of Successful Store Owners Building Massive Profit Generator Sequences in Just Minutes!

Join the Group
Of Successful Store Owners 
Building Massive Profit Generator
Sequences in Just Minutes!

eCom Power Scripts INCLUDES Every Single Script Type
To Prepare You For ANY Scenario Your Store May Need:
  • ​Welcome Aboard
  • ​Abandoned Cart
  • ​After Purchase
  • ​Holiday Specials
  • ​Win-Back Campaigns
  • ​Cross Selling
  • ​Special Promotions
  • ​Much Much More...
  • ​Shopify Stores
  • ​Amazon Sellers
  • ​Dropshippers
  • ​​All eCommerce Businesses!
And more happy stories...

For a limited time: One-time LOW price with ZERO monthly fees
PLUS 30-Day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee 

  • Monetize The 93% of Leads You’ve Spent Lots Of Money On To Bring In And Stepped Out leaving you in a downward spiral of losses

  • Win Back the 79% of Customers that forget about your store after the first sale and RETAIN them for consistent sales on demand (most eCommerce store owners fail to do this)

  • Save THOUSANDS of Dollars by not hiring email marketers and copywriters who DON’T want you to know these secrets (because it puts them out of a job!)
  • Implement Profit-Driven & Dynamic Scripts using the top copywriting secrets for 2021 and inspired by the proven selling style of ClickFunnels of the best online marketers (but and tailored to eCommerce!) for MAXIMUM impact

  • No more headaches writing emails that don’t produce any results by yourself. You have better things to do managing your store!

  • Forget about broad, boring templates. These scripts are tailor-made for ecommerce store owners including Shopify, digital product stores, Amazon sellers, dropshippers, and even online courses
One step forward, Two steps back


You’ve just spent thousands of dollars to get your eCommerce business up and running. You run your ad campaign nicely and you get some sales... 

Some sales. As in barely-profitable or not-even profitable-at-all.

So you think: “But why? Wasn’t this whole ‘passive income’ eCommerce thing supposed to be easy?” 
You notice hundreds of other eCommerce stores raking in cash.

You see teenagers on social media becoming dropshipping legends and showing off stacks of $100 bills.

What the heck are they doing that you aren't?
They’re winning, that’s what.

But more specifically, they’re WINNING BACK all of the customers they could have lost, and monetizing them for a lifetime, increasing the value per client tremendously.

And the best, proven way to do it is vía razor-sharp email marketing automation.

What You Probably Don’t Know Yet…
You see, most eCommerce store owners don’t know this, but the #1 key to online sales success is customer retention and winning back your hardly acquired clients!

Why? Because way more people abandon their shopping process and their carts than you think. Over 73% in fact.

What does it mean in simple math?

It means that for every $10 that you invest in ads, just $3 are actually effective, and as a result, you’ll never see real revenues coming directly from the old-fashioned “ad-to-sale” obsolete method that most eCommerce stores use… and fail... and end up closing… just because they weren’t told the truth about eCommerce.
As online store owners, we have this image in our heads that we’ll flood our stores with traffic, let our amazing products wow them, and watch as most of them convert, selling like candy.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but most of them leave. If you’re making the mistake of not getting them back, then you’re falling way behind other eCommerce stores and wasting thousands of dollars.

“So how do I get those customers back? How do I retain them?”

It’s simple: you use email marketing. But be careful, because if your copywriting skills are not near master-level, you could end up wasting even more money on a poor email marketing plan that will make your clients unsubscribe, and you’ll lose them forever.
“Ok, so I’ll hire a copywriter 
to write all my email sequences”
You could, but copywriters are EXTREMELY expensive!
Copywriters price their work based on how much money their copy will make you, and once they realize you need something as highly valuable as email sequences, you can expect to pay anywhere up to $900 or $1,000 just for a couple scripts (And you need way more than a couple).

So instead of paying a copywriter several hundred dollars EVERY time you need an email script (because you don’t want to screw it up), you could have your own personal email script writing machine that you only pay for ONCE and can use FOREVER… 

Including new scripts being added all the time, so that you’ll always be on top of the trend.

Oh, and by the way, it’s the same price as a pair of jeans.

The Truth About

Right now you’re probably paying hundreds of dollars in ad spend just for people to come to your store and leave, and this is the mistake that over 97% of eCommerce store owners make.

Ad campaigns are great, and you are probably doing the right thing. Ad campaigns are good to bring qualitied customers...

But Sales? SALES is a different story.

Have you seen that when you enter a store (not online)… doesn’t matter what it is - a sunglasses store, computers, fashion or even a car shop, there’s always a sales rep there for you.

Why? Because all the advertising to bring you into the store is not enough for you to buy what they advertised.
You know what I mean? Advertising is wonderful and is very effective to bring the right customers to your store front...

However you need a mechanism to close sales, because just under 7% of people really know what they want and complete the purchase by themselves.

The other 93% will go away and you will never notice… unless you take action!

You wonder why your store is not profitable, even though your ads work like a charm…

Simple: You don't yet monetize your store, and you need to do it RIGHT!

Just having an awesome store won't work.

And using a generic template email for your subscribers will not work either.

It’s like having a sales rep giving the same information to all visitors about all products - so be careful… your email marketing needs to be as good as your product, or even better, so it can generate the sales volume you expect.

You see, a successful 
eCom process is like this:

  • Ad Spend (to generate traffic) 
  • Send visitors to your website's most relevant page
  • ​Use Email Marketing to grab your potential clients while it’s still the “Momentum” and don’t let them go away!
PLUS... Email Marketing Is Key To...
  • Close more sales (Generate $$$)
  • Retain customers (Generate $$$)
  • Recover lost carts (Save $$$)
  • Avoid refunds & chargebacks (Save $$$)
  • Upsell new products in your store (Extra $$$)
  • Cross-Sell products from other stores (Extra $$$)
Now Is The Time To Generate REAL Profits
from your eCommerce business!


= Profits ON DEMAND
By now you know that eCommerce without a solid email marketing campaign is like an bicycle with no pedals… 

And I know that you still hesitate... but don’t panic… I know how it feels...

 Have No Time?
Don’t worry, if you have just a minute or two (with no exaggeration at all) you can have an entire email sequence done for you, 100% customized for your store and your unique needs!

 Have No Experience?
No need… eCom Power Scripts brings all the experience you need in-a-box and does all the hard email marketing writing for you, including tips and when each email should be sent, what subject line to use, etc… everything is done for you!

 Have No Deep Pockets?
Lucky you, today we are offering eCom Power Scripts at just ONE-TIME FEE of $77, instead of the annual $684 charge. The impact in your sales and profits is immediate.
Fact: You are losing much more than $77 EVERY SINGLE DAY if you don’t apply eCom Power Scripts into your business plan
So as you can now agree with me, using eCom Power Scripts is a no brainer…
  • You need no time to dedicate to it
  • No experience is needed at all
  • ​It’s not expensive software
In fact, It’s with no doubt more cost effective acquiring eCom Power Scripts than letting it go! 

You’ve just found the absolute easiest, smartest solution to make your online store profitable once and for all.
Why eCom Power Scripts

eCom Power Scripts is a powerful email copywriting MACHINE that has been especially designed to fit the exact needs of eCommerce store owners, automatically creating expert scripts that convert like CRAZY.

Plus, we don’t use the term “plug-and-play” loosely. It really is that simple!

 Lifetime Access
With today’s only lifetime access after paying your one-time “pair of jeans” price, you just log in to the software and:
Build an army of tailor-made email sequences tackling every sales angle in minutes!
Gain control on the actions YOU WANT your leads and customers to take
 And Third...
Monetize your store, increase ROI up to 3,867% and finally scale up your business
Now you have a solid eCommerce business working for you in full automation and ON DEMAND.

BTW, every script that eCom Power Scripts generates includes an expert subject line tailored to increase open rate and conversions!
all scenarios covered
eCom Power Scripts covers EVERY possible scenario when email scripts are needed to solve a problem.

  • Want to invite your leads to start buying? Perfect!
  • Are you offering a “Black Friday” discount? Done!
  • Need to win customers back? We’ve got you covered!
Because the script types are SO extensive, we call it the “All Angles Attack Plan” that guarantees that you NEVER make a mistake again… because you’ll have the perfect weapon for the job EVERY time.  

And don’t worry… as extensive as it is, it has an extremely simple user interface that guides you on every step, and have your killer copy done immediately, on demand!

PLUS, the army of copywriters at eCom Power Scripts continue uploading new, tested and perfected scripts all the time… so you are always up-to-date with the newest trends… those that do generate more sales for you!
Scripts included in the All Angles Attack Plan:

  • ​Abandoned Cart scripts to bring your customers back and increase ROI near 2,759%
  • ​Leads follow up after registration
  • ​Product Cross Sell scripts to sell more products to existing customers, even if you don’t own them!
  • ​Lead follow up after coupon code/promo script
  • Reviews Generation scripts to help FLOOD your store with 5 star reviews
  • After Purchase scripts to upsell MORE products
  • ​Excitement Builders script that uses psychological tricks to build CRAZY excitement
  • Mission & Branding scripts to reassure confidence and avoid possible chargebacks
  • ​Win-Back Campaigns script to re-attract waves of customers at a time
  • Solo Campaign scripts for immediate monetization​
  • Holiday Specials script to MAXIMIZE holiday profits (these are SUPER effective)
  • Birthday Email script that uses personalization to close sales
  • WAY MORE to give you an abundantly stocked arsenal of customer-magnet email scripts
Hey, I'm Daniel
My name is Daniel Katz, and I have over 
15 years of experience in email marketing. 

Believe me, I know how hard and frustrating it can be to create effective email scripts if you are not a gifted copywriter.

Since 2003 I’ve worked with several publicly traded companies as an internet marketing agency, and over the last 10 years I’ve created several 7-figure email marketing campaigns for my own products and services.
I decided to infuse the same psychological triggers and tactics that helped me run 7-figure email marketing campaigns into eCom Power Scripts for you to use with your own eCommerce store, eliminating the risk factor from you.

I designed the software to be vastly extensive, covering every script you’ll need for nearly any situation or goal.

Once I realized that a script writing software made specifically for eCommerce didn’t exist, I knew I had to make one, and help hundreds of thousands of online store owners struggling without having a clue what’s wrong...
So I created a software that writes highly dynamic, automated, and tailored email sequences made specifically to help eCommerce store owners never make a mistake with email marketing again.

Now, don’t get me wrong… these are not random words put together by a machine - all scripts have been written by myself and a team of professional copywriters, and added into this smart AI software.

eCom Power Scripts has the ability to personalize all scripts for you, and for any eCommerce store, allowing you to become, finally, a profitable eCommerce business owner!

Let’s jump into the software, I’ll see you at the bottom of the page.

You must be asking yourself...
"But Hey, What Do I Do Once I Create All My Scripts?
I mean... I Have No Clue About How and When To Send Them"
Awesome - we love this question, because it means that now you know that this is for you!

Even if you have ZERO marketing or email marketing experience, eCom Power Scripts instantly makes you a better email marketer than some of the best email marketers in the world.

The software not only writes your email sequences for you, but also:
  • Pairs each email with the perfect subject line for MAXIMUM open rates
  • Suggests the most effective sequence length for each email so you don’t make a mistake
  • ​Tells you what's the best time-frame for you to send each email into your sequence
It’s like having your own email marketing mastermind telling you EXACTLY what to do, so there’s no room for error.

but don't JUST take my word...
MORE AND MORE people are loving it!
Act Now To Get These BONUSES 
BONUS #1:     (Value: $279)
You’ll get a “Shopify From Scratch” EXPERT eCommerce training to learn how to quickly and easily build your own Shopify store that functions like a well-oiled machine

BONUS #2:     (Value: $197)
The eCom Rolodex - My personal list of most reliable and cost-effective tools, apps and other services that you should use, to skyrocket your eCommerce business
BONUS #3:     (Value: $57/mo)
Exclusive access to our private Ecom Power Group to brainstorm together and learn highly effective ecom secrets

BONUS #4:     (Value: $207)
Access to my personal “Killer Subject Lines Vault” to learn how to increase the open rate and your ROI dramatically

BONUS #5:     (Value: $179)
FAST-TRACK Expert Ecom Flow Cheat Sheet (Printable!) - No more guessing when it comes to running a successful Ecom campaign. This 'Battle-Tested' diagram is your go-to cheat sheet for running smart, profitable campaigns the same way the experts do!

YOU GET over $1,580 in value 
For just $77 
If Your Store Were An Orange, Would You Waste Over 70% Of The Juice?
Remember, eCom Power Scripts is the ONE And ONLY auto-script builder specifically Designed For eCommerce!

Transform your store, finally, into a cash machine On Demand.

And right now (for a very limited time) you can gain FULL UNLIMITED & LIFETIME ACCESS to eCom Power Scripts for just ONE payment of $77.

Act fast. We are switching back the price to $684 per year very soon.
  • Recover cart abandonments to generate sales and reach profits you didn’t know were possible with your store, and you’ve been desperately looking for
  • ​Generate Scripts created using top copywriting secrets for 2021 that are proven to trigger purchases and customer retention for lifetime
  • ​Cross-sell using automation to turn buyers into “super buyers” and DRASTICALLY increase AOV (average order value)
  • ​Make BANK during the holidays using our HIGHLY effective personalized holiday special scripts
  • ​Maximize the conversion rate of your Facebook ads and never lose money on social ads again
Plus, if you don’t absolutely love the results you’ll get from eCom Power Scripts, you’ll be refunded your $77 so you can use it to buy a pair of jeans instead.
  • Stop Losing Potential Customers
  • Keep Your Clients Buying Continuously 
  • Capitalize on Holiday Sales 
  • Make the BIG Profits You Deserve 
  • ​Get Access NOW, While This Special Opportunity Lasts!
Iron-clad 30 DayS
Money Back Guarantee
We Really Mean It!

Try eComPowerScripts for 30 days. Take advantage of all of its power and boost your eCommerce business to the next level creating in a few minutes all the email sequences you need to monetize your traffic and your audience.

However, if for any reason during these 30 days you are not happy, we will issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

If we can't help you, we don't deserve your money!

This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
Today Only: One-Time Fee of $77
(Instead of the Annual Plan of $684)
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