attention e-com store owners: new A.I. software
Attention Ecommerce Store Owners - NEW A.I. Email Auto-Writing Software!



In only a minute, barely having to lift a finger!

100% Fail-Proof A.I. Software With Proven Ecommerce Sales Secrets…

*** Note: This is a Limited Time Offer ***
Check Out How Fast It Works...
  • "AUTOMAGICALLY " create customized high converting eCom emails IN MINUTES
  • ​Designed using the same copywriting secrets the TOP 2% OF ECOMMERCE STORES USE
  • ​POWERFUL A.I. and multiple sales-oriented, tailor made copy
  • ​INCREASE OPEN RATE, click through rate, and conversion rate by up to 331%
  • ​DRAMATICALLY REDUCE ABANDONMENT RATE, and stop burning your funds
  • ZERO experience or copywriting skills required 
  • Transform any eCom Store into a Cash Machine
  • ​The only tailor-made Email Marketing A.I. Software for eCommerce
  • Forget about hiring expensive copywriters or low quality freelancers
  • ​Always up-to-date features for best performance and higher profits
  • Includes over 10 categories, and endless possible variations
  • It takes a minute to customize an entire email sequence
  • Compatible with any email marketing platform: GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Omnisend, Klaviyo, etc.
  • ​Much Much More...
A Few e-Com Facts You are Probably Not Aware of...
  •   Over 73% of visitors LEAVE and never return
  •   96% of eCom stores without a proven email strategy LOSE MONEY
  •   You're leaving HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on the table!

The Good News Is...
  • 75% OF BUYERS trust email the most to make a buying decision
  • Email is the #1 SALES VEHICLE in eCommerce
Introducing ecom power scripts
The world’s FIRST and ONLY A.I. Plug-And-Play Email Script Builder Developed ESPECIALLY For eCommerce Store Owners
It couldn't be easier!
Get eCom Power Scripts Today!
(No monthly fees - one only investment)

Regular Price: $197

ONLY $77
(61% OFF!)
What people are saying about
ecom power scripts...
Dan Goldsmit, Expert eCommerce Marketer, ClickFunnels' Two Comma Club Awarded Member
Steve Hörmann, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of The Z Code System

"I was about to close my store..."

"All my campaigns are selling a lot every day"

“Now I recover lots of abandoned carts”

"It's impossible to profit without proper email marketing"


eCom Stores without professional EMAIL MARKETING
will not influence the buying decision... 
and will not generate sales!

Truth is, you need more than a pretty store to sell.

Our brain gets overwhelmed with thousands of ads and offers in front of our eyes, and we forget things that do not generate the necessary impact.

Lucky you, there is a way to stand out and make your prospects become your best clients ever...

Email Marketing is the #1 tool for eCommerce.

Yes, 96% of shoppers trust email marketing
before making a buying decision...

And You have just ONE CHANCE to make it happen!

You See? It's Hard To Engage With Clients If You...

Are not a seasoned copywriter

Don't follow up on your prospects and clients

Are not in the right place, at the right time

Basically... it's too hard to make a profit in eCommerce


That most likely you are not a professional copywriter!


I can't write professional email copy by myself
I hate seeing most of my leads leaving without buying
This is too much time-consuming to me

If you marked, said "YES" or just nodded to at least 1 of these 3 statements,


A) Hire a Professional Copywriter

Problem, is, good copywriters are very expensive and it doesn't end up in writing 5 emails... you'll need dozens of email sequences, constantly updated and ready for the next holidays, promotions, etc...

Outsourcing will be a very expensive venture.

B) Do It Yourself

Play to be a copywriter and you'll put your business at risk.

After trying to write a few emails you'll be exhausted and overwhelmed, getting into a downward spiral.

Amateur copy does the opposite effect. Your users will feel lack of engagement and trust, and that's a radical turn-off.

C) Use eCom Power Scripts

All of your (hundreds of) emails written in minutes... 

Quality assured thanks to our proprietary A.I. Software
Tailor-made for your own needs
Tackling every angle you may need

Introducing The world’s FIRST and ONLY A.I. Email Marketing Software Developed SPECIFICALLY For eCommerce Store Owners

Yes, there are many many content generation software, but in 99% of the cases what you get is extremely generic and out of context.

eCom Power Scripts is a game apart

We've build this powerful A.I. software especially for eCom Store Owners, considering their very special and unique needs.

A regular content generation wizard cannot help you for eCommerce.

Everything you'll ever need to communicate to your clients is covered with eCom Power Scripts!

Oh, and why? (you may be asking yourself) 
Because we are also eCommerce store owners!

You just need to follow these 3 steps

To generate an army of emails for every occasion, and start monetizing your eCom Store day-in and day-out, without losing more customers!

 Choose An Email Sequence
 STEP 2 
Personalize your store and 
special deals information 
  Your Email Sequence Is Ready to Bank!
It couldn't be easier!
Start The Most Important Part of Any
Profitable eCommerce Business in

eCom Power Scripts INCLUDES Every Single Script Sequence
You Could Ever Need To Maximize Your Profits:
  • ​Welcome Aboard
  • ​Abandoned Cart
  • ​After Purchase
  • ​Holiday Specials
  • ​Win-Back Campaigns
  • ​Cross Selling
  • ​Special Promotions
  • ​Much Much More...
Get eCom Power Scripts Today!
(No monthly fees - one only investment)

Regular Price: $197

ONLY $77
(61% OFF!)

For a limited time: One-time LOW price with ZERO monthly fees
PLUS 60-Day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee 

With eCom Power Scripts 
You will be EMPOWERED to:

Stop Your Customers From Leaving

People will give a quick look at your store.. there is zero loyalty at this point, and if they are not engaged with your website you'll easily lose a prospect that you already paid for to bring them in.

We'll help you grab these customers and give them a good reason to stay!

Monetize On The Spot!

Timing is everything!

If you know how to pitch the your clients at the moment they need it, you've secured a sale.

 eCom Power Scripts will generate the right messages you need to make sure your clients buy from you while they are still hot!

Transform Abandoned Carts Into Sales!

Over 75% of people get "cold feet" at the last step... when it's time to add their credit card details and leave.

 We'll make sure you complete your sales

Boost Sales Before, During & After Holidays!

We have you covered all year long.

✔ There are email sequences dedicated to all holidays and we keep adding new ones constantly, so you'll always have the most enticing and irresistible offers reaching your clients during the presell, the holiday and also after that... so you don't leave any client aside!

Sell 3rd Party Products To Earn Much More!

Why should you limit yourself to your own stock?
If you have a data base of prospects and clients, you can sell to them endless products and profit around the clock!

 Now you can sell endless products and earn more money!

...and much more!

eCom Power Scripts Works Great With
All Email Marketing Platforms...
Once you create a new email sequence (in a minute or so)
just copy it from our top-notch editor, and paste it into your favorite email platform...

As simple and fast as can be!





Or any other email marketing platform that you use!
It's not surprising that everyone is in shock 
When they see a professional and personalized email sequence 
done for you in less than 59 seconds!

Just Watch this demo and you'll understand...

Isn't that cool? 

And it's not just very cool... 
it has amazing features waiting for you:

Over 100 email sequences

100+ Killer subject lines

Intuitive Interface

Post-Production Editor

Friendly Training Videos

Emails for Customer Care

All-Holiday Specials

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Approaching Providers

Unlimited Storage

Works in All Devices

Premium Support

ecom power scripts is unique
Now Is Your Time To Finally Generate The Sales and Profit You Deserve,
Scaling Your eCom Business To A Whole New Level!
It couldn't be easier!
Get eCom Power Scripts Today!
(No monthly fees - one only investment)

Regular Price: $197

ONLY $77
(61% OFF!)

So with all of that...
This is what you'll be able to accomplish

Skyrocket Your Sales

You'll experience what every successful eCom store does:
That your business is not based on the product but on your ability to engage with your customers...

Remember: email marketing is #1 choice by clients worldwide to make a buying decision

Generate Higher Revenue

Your costs will drop dramatically and your business will become profitable, leaving you much more funds to reinvest in your business... and earn more too!

Scaling Up

A professional email marketing foundation will let you scale up your business and take care of every client's needs automatically, and it doesn't matter if you have 10 or 1000 clients per day - there's no limit.

Save Thousand in Freelancers

No more paying for expensive freelancers that will take a big chunk of your funds and you'll need to hire them over and over again... 

Save Your Precious Time

This is the most valuable asset you'll ever have!

No more waiting, no more wasting time looking for new copywriters, no more time reviewing stuff...

Thanks to eCom Power Scripts you'll not need to invest more than a few minutes to generate top-notch, customized email marketing sequences.

...and much more!

This is CRAZY Simple...


eComPowerScripts is the only one-of-its-class 
A.I. Software especially designed for eCom Store Owners!
We know we can deliver what we promise... Yes, we are THAT SURE,
so we have this 100% Risk-Free proposal for you:
Iron-clad 60-Day
Money Back Guarantee
We Really Mean It!

Try eComPowerScripts for 60 days. Take advantage of all of its power and boost your eCommerce business to the next level creating all the email sequences you need within just a few minutes.

And, if for any reason during these 60 days you are not happy, we will issue you a full refund. 
No questions asked.

If we can't help you, we don't deserve your money!

As You Can See, you have NO RISK AT ALL.
You are 100% Covered By Our 60-Day Moneyback Policy...

So... Now You have NO Excuses:


By Ordering eComPowerScripts I acklowledge that:

  • I'll be able to create unlimited email sequences for my eCom store in minutes 
  • I'll get lifetime access to the software, including all future updates and bonuses
  • I'll take advantage of its A.I. to create powerful messages for my prospects that generate sales
  • ​I'll get all the necessary tutorials and training material I need to start monetizing my store
  • ​I'll have access to over 100 email sequences totally customized for my business
  • ​I'll save thousands that otherwise I'd have to spend in copywriters 
  • ​I'll have the time I need to focus on my business and on my personal life
  • ​I understand that I'll get Premium customer support from the eComPowerScripts Team
  • I will not need to pay monthly fees​ or the full price, but just a symbolic fee
  • ​I acknowledge that this is a onetime opportunity
Get eCom Power Scripts Today!
(No monthly fees - one only investment)

Regular Price: $197

ONLY $77
(61% OFF!)
+ PLUS +
Act Now To Get These BONUSES 
BONUS #1:     (Value: $279)
BONUS #1:     
(Value: $279)
You’ll get a “Shopify From Scratch” EXPERT eCommerce training to learn how to quickly and easily build your own Shopify store that functions like a well-oiled machine

BONUS #2:     (Value: $197)
BONUS #2:     
(Value: $197)
The eCom Rolodex - My personal list of most reliable and cost-effective tools, apps and other services that you should use, to skyrocket your eCom store

BONUS #3:     (Value: $57/mo)
BONUS #3:     
(Value: $57/mo)
Exclusive access to our private Ecom Power Group to brainstorm together and learn highly effective ecom secrets
BONUS #4:     (Value: $207)
BONUS #4:     
(Value: $207)
Access to my personal Killer Subject Lines Vault to learn how to increase the open rate and your ROI dramatically

BONUS #5:     (Value: $179)
BONUS #5:     
(Value: $179)
FAST-TRACK Expert eCom Flow Cheat Sheet (Printable!) - No more guessing running a successful eCom campaign. This 'Battle-Tested' diagram is your go-to cheat sheet for running smart eCom campaigns like experts do!


  • Do I need to download the A.I. Software to my computer?
  • ​Not at all... it works online, so there's no need to download the software to your computer.
  • Are updates included into the price?
  • ​That's correct - you'll get all updates for a lifetime, at no extra cost.
    Updates are not just technological but also new high converting email sequences are being constantly added!
  • I have a Mac, does it support ?
  • ​Yes, since this is a cloud-based service, you can access eComPowerScripts from any device (laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone)!
  • If I need help using the software, will I get any type of support?
  • ​Of course you will. First of all you'll have 3 training lessons into the software's interface, including examples on how to use it, and lastly, our customer care team will be more than happy to assist you anytime you may need.
  • Which holidays do you cover into the software?
  • ​Great question, and we love the answer too...
    Every major holiday is covered for you:
    New Year, Easter, Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Independence Day, etc, etc... 
    And we keep adding new ones all the time!
  • Do I need to know some programming or to be a marketing expert?
  • ​There's no need to have any type of technical knowledge or to be an expert in Marketing.
    The only thing you'll need is to answer a few questions prompted into the A.I, interface, and after quickly answering, you'll be ready to get and apply your brand new email sequences!
  • Do I need this software just to set-up my autoresponders and that's it?
  • ​If fact, you will need it more than just once, because you'll continue expanding your store, updating your products list, adding new offers, and creating new seasonal promotions.
    eComPowerScripts will be the best partner you'll have in your eCom business
  • What's the maximum amount of Email Sequences I can create per day?
  • ​There is literally no limit. You can create as many email sequences are you want every single day.
  • Can I get this deal another day if I miss it now?
  • ​This is a limited time offer and after a certain number of licenses are given, we will get back to the regular pricing model of $197 or $77 per month.
    The current price of just a onetime fee of $77 is a no-brainer... especially since you have zero risk thanks to our 60 day moneyback guarantee policy, no questions asked.
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
Grab the ONLY Email Writing A.I. Software 
especially created for eCommerce...

At a price you may never see again.
Get eCom Power Scripts Today!
(No monthly fees - one only investment)

Regular Price: $197

ONLY $77
(61% OFF!)
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